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Document Management System

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Document Management System

Document control is an important part of any company’s information management system. Without a high quality document control system in place, it is nearly impossible to manage the versioning, distribution, and security of all of the documents required to run your business.

Sophos Electronic can help you implement a system that will be flexible enough to integrate with your existing processes and IT infrastructure while providing the security and usability necessary to make sure that the right people have access to the right information at the right time to keep your business moving.

Sophos Electronic document control solutions help you manage:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Inspection and quality documents
  • Set-up sheets
  • General work instructions
  • Tool and resource documents
  • Machine instructions
  • CAD/CAM files

Sophos Electronic is dedicated to creating lasting partnerships with our clients. By working together, we can identify the most effective ways to apply our technology solutions and industry know-how to your specific requirements. Let Sophos Electronic put its experience to work so that Sophos Electronic can help your business improve the way it manages and controls documents so you can achieve benefits including:

  • Increased efficiency through rapid access to important documents
  • Reduction of duplicated efforts in drafting documentation
  • Reduced cost of managing physical paper copies, especially when integrating a document control system with FactoryScribe
  • Improved security by ensuring that document access is controlled and stored documents are only accessible to users who are authorized to view them