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Maintenance Management Systems

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Maintenance Management Systems

Maintenance and asset management is becoming more and more a key success factor for the operations not only in asset intensive industries like Oil and Gas and Energy but also for process and discrete industries and the service sector. Strong investments in this area are fueling continuous innovations in methodologies and technology solutions.

Sophos Electronic capabilities range from maintenance operations, performance benchmarks and improvement initiatives to design and installation of turn key projects to cover all typical maintenance functionality and topics:

The main targets of all our projects are to provide our customers with best in class technology and to:

Sophos Electronic technology solutions are designed to be scalable and applicable in multiple environments. Starting from simple shop floor maintenance systems, they can be expanded to cover all the maintenance management processes. From spare parts purchasing processes and supplier rating to fully automated wireless sensors to monitor large infrastructures like pipe lines or plants. Through a user friendly approach supported by portable interfaces, our solutions can simplify maintenance operations enabling remote support and resource optimization.