Order Management & Production Execution

At Sophos Electronics we support our customers by designing technology solutions to improve production control and execution in several different industries.

Our unique expertise in this field can help your company to streamline production operations and reduce non-added value time during production.

Source: Siemens SIMATIC IT MES Suite

Our solutions are both customized and based on best in class standard products and cover important functionality such as:

Sophos Electronics consultants work with our customers’ Operation Excellence teams to identify their points of pain and design and implement solutions to target the desired benefits.

Implementing Sophos Electronics Production Control & Execution allows our customers to achieve the following targets:

Sophos Electronics IT solutions for production execution cover the production flow of entities such as production orders, purchase orders, transfer orders, jobs, batches, and work orders.

Dispatch information is presented in the precise sequence in which the work needs to be completed and takes into consideration real-time events which may occur on the factory floor.

Production management also includes the capability to manage and change entity status as well as the control of the manual operations needed during production. Data on rework and recovery are available along with the ability to control the amount of work-in-progress at any point through buffer management.

Our solutions cover both primary and secondary production phases and are designed to be easily integrated with 3rd party systems such as ERP or legacy systems.