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Order Processing

Execution (control) of planned orders and acquisition/storage of resulting data

The successful implementation of an MES applies here. Problems with the implementation of information technology (IT) in the production-related sector are very often caused by the noninvolvement or delayed involvement of the machine staff in the collection and configuration of information.

Involving the worker means that the worker should first be informed regarding the goals and meaning of the MES.

The process of the picking an delivery of packed items to a shipping carrier is known as order processing. It is generally conducted at distribution centres

Departments such as production management or materials management are also involved in processing an order because only if sufficient material is available at the machine at the right time is the worker in a position to fulfill the order according to target.

However, controlling and company management are also involved in order processing.

The MES also must provide formatted information to these departments at the right time to ensure that decisions can be made.