SCADA Systems

The concept of computer integrated manufacturing CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing), provides an architecture to the production system on the manufacturing so that the data acquired are transparent from the floor of the workshop to the system of support of manufacturing passing by concepts such as MES systemss (Manufacturing Execution System).

Automation and control technologies are responsible for providing the data to the production of manufacturing system, these data can be acquired through concepts such as the type SCADA automation (Supervisory Control and Data acquisition) or as DSC automation type (Data Supervisory Control), therefore if this Automation is a SCADA type must provide a graphical interface for the automated industrial system.

In the automation industry, these known as HMI, GUI tools that are the interpreter between the operator and the industrial system automated, are usually as part of an Integrated Architecture or Brilliant Manufacturing. HMI interface is a very important point in the integration of automated systems since they develop the following:

The SCADA system integrates different component to enable the control and monitoring on the production system:

HMI Interface
Architecture Name
Vendor Name
Proficy Workflow
General Electric
Proficy iFix
Proficy Workflow
General Electric
Simatic IT
Factory Talks
Factory of the Future
Sophos Electronics