Industrial Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT)

Sophos Electronics helps you to communicate DEVICE to Machines - M2M

The IoT (Internet of Things) enables the communication between machines to machines (M2M). This new way to communicates enables the new machines connectivity to the CLOUD.

The CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) concept is a basic concept in today's manufacturing companies as a strategy used to secure the future of the company. Therefore our Company -Sophos Electronics- has a clear tendency towards a manufacturing of modular integration, and interoperability system. On plants there are several PLCs which do not work together since they do not share the data, this contradicts the need for current manufacturing processes (CIM concept), which requires the systems to work together.

One of the main reasons why interoperability between controllers does not work is that the communication interface is not standard. In absence to a standard system integration developers develop their own hardware and software communication solutions. Most process control systems have their own techniques, interface, communication protocol, drivers to access the information that the controllers contain.

The IIoT/IoT purpose is to provide a basic infrastructure standard for data exchange in a process control. For example in the manufacturing companies there are several data sources, such as:

These data are acquired through different connections such as serial, ethernet or even radiofrequency; information can also come from different operating systems such as Windows, Unix, DOS, or other systems which control these MTC-200 applications.

In an application without a standard, the automatic system integrators encapsulate the data in their own applications showing only their own unique interface. The workshop floor data (sensors, valves, etc.), which are controlled in the PLC by the automation without standard, can not be accessed from another PLC in another automation; since in order to access the information from another controller it is required to use the interface tools of the integrators who developed the automation without standard. This leads to the reasoning that the data was captured in an inappropriate way, since the automation developed without a standard was blocked, so that when it is necessary to expand the system or communicate with other resources will have to go to the company that the Design and implemented