Sophos Electronics developed HMI software tools!!!

Industrial production is currently undergoing a rapid and profound transformation. In international markets, there are nowadays a series of development tendencies that show particularly short life cycles and product supply, with this situation of increasingly rigorous international competition, companies are forced to take measures aimed at Increase productivity, to print flexibility to their production cycles and improve their profitability. During these last years revolutionized in the automation of production processes a concept called CIM [118] (Computer Integrated Manufacturing), this concept analyzes, among other situations, the continuous treatment of information in a modern production company. To develop an Open System Architecture as proposed by architectures such as CIMOSA [119] (Open System Architecture for CIM), it is necessary to have in the production of the product (workshop floor) an integrated automation system, known as a SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Adquisition Data). This automation system is a tool that provides the data to the CIM concept, since to link the floor data of the workshop requires an Integrated Automation system. For an automated industrial process to be called SCADA it must comply with very important points such as:

The SCADA system integrates different component to enable the control and monitoring on the production system, implementing the following:

An automated CIM system is shown below PICTURE. HMI interface as an automation tool in the concept structure CIM (Integrated Computer Manufacturing). There is a difference in integrating an automated industrial process, since this process can be integrated as a DSC (Data Supervisory Control) system or as a SCADA system, however there is a difference between the integration of a DSC system and a SCADA system, the first DSC system is process oriented, process data (machines) are the center of the universe for this system, for SCADA the center of the universe is in the operator and process control, since these are the Which control the process data and the process itself. Remote equipment (125) (Remote Terminal Unit, RTU), which acquires the data of the workshop floor, SCADA sees it as an information collector (an object), being only an object has the possibility to change it, to expand it, etc., within the Automation. Therefore, it is the operator on whom the control of the industrial process revolves, so in the SCADA systems always a graphic interface must be had for the operator, which should be as detailed as possible in the interpretation of the system, post displayed The industrial process to the operator and is known as HMI System [126]. The HMI interface [127] is a very important point in the integration of the automatic systems that develop the visualization of the systems (alarms, tendencies, alerts, fault diagnosis, etc.), the control (they communicate to the PLC's, Etc.) and monitoring (visual graphics of the process).

When developing a SCADA system it is possible to place an HMI interface that has been produced by Automation industries