Software Validation

Computer System Validation (CSV) is a required activity for FDA-regulated environments, the goal of which is to document that a system is secure, reliable, and fit for its intended purpose. The point is not to produce a mountain of documentation but rather to demonstrate that the software satisfies its intended use.

Sophos Electronics helps companies in the Life Science, Medical Device, and other manufacturing sectors streamline their processes and bring new and existing products to market. Given the pressure from industry regulators such as the FDA, MCA, and the EU, our customers require a high level of commitment in order to achieve high quality standards. Sophos Electronics helps companies navigate the complexity of those standards while supporting the validation effort.

With Sophos Electronics guidance and our team's advanced experience in defining proper validation test cases, Life Science and Medical Device companies can meet industry requirements as well as their own business goals. Our proven Software Validation approach and team will:

Choose Sophos Electronics as your validation partner and reap the benefits from the value our expertise will provide your business:

Sophos Electronic is committed to constantly improving our customers' Manufacturing Operations, linking together different aspects of production with the best technology and most reliable best practices. Partnering with Sophos Electronics means gaining a deep understanding of business and industry requirements, tailored solutions for your needs, and a trusted advisor for your Computer System Validation initiative.