Software Training

Sophos Electronics is capable of creating custom solutions for any manufacturing project. Our consultants are equipped with both the technical expertise and business experience to ensure your project succeeds by offering our unique and expansive end user training program. Once a software solution is established that fits the needs of your company, Sophos Electronics is there to aid in the deployment of that solution across all company sites and to all end users. This is a critical step which allows for a seamless transition into the new software solution following go-live, minimizing major setbacks during deployment, and avoids high costs associated with system failures and re-training. Sophos Electronics training programs are designed to help you avoid these set-backs. What Sophos Electronics offers is a dedicated, multi-lingual, expert training team with a proven track record to assist your business in creating a superior IT Training Management, Training, and Evaluation Plan.

All our consultants have a combination of technical expertise and firsthand experience in various manufacturing settings. We pride ourselves on the fact that any trainer assigned to your project will have a strong understanding of your business processes and be a software solution expert. To accomplish this, our training consultants are cross-trained and set to be with you from inception all the way to the completion and success of your project.

An essential part of training your end users is developing the management portion of the IT Training Plan. Our consultants have many years of experience with software training and will work with your project managers to both evaluate your needs and plan training accordingly. This allows for all objectives to be known by both parties. For over a decade, Sophos Electronics has created plans suited for the specific needs and requirements of each customer. The goal of each plan is to:

We offer many different types of training including:

Every customer is special and unique. Our program’s adaptability to your business end users’ needs is one of Sophos Electronics greatest assets, allowing us to fill the specific training requirements of your company. Together with our dedicated training team, we will identify and define your specific training requirements, which our experts will then execute. The result: higher user acceptance, the success of your IT initiative, and a significant return on your company’s software investment.

As soon as the implementation has begun, the final step in the IT Training Plan starts to take place. That is the evaluation of the software solution that we have expertly trained. Our training team will present regular reports to the key project stakeholders that outline the training done and the necessary steps that still remain. At the end, our consultants share a final report to summarize the training and highlight key factors to help maintain the project’s success. Evaluating your software solution will give valuable insight into how your processes are running and how you can continue to grow as a company.

The Sophos Electronics training team will be available from the beginning of your initiative and throughout the entire software implementation life cycle. Using our expert consultants to train your end users is the best way to ensure the success of your next project. Training your business on your latest software initiative is a demanding process, it requires a dedicated training team to correctly manage and properly train your end users. Choose Sophos Electronics for your next project’s training needs and see firsthand why we have been setting the industry standard for delivering successful and long-lasting custom software solutions for manufacturing.