System Design & Implementation

Sophos Electronics consultants are cross-functional experts possessing technical expertise fused with experience in multiple business domains developed over 20 years of industry participation.

As a highly project-oriented consulting organization, we employ agile software development methodologies to leverage the experience of our consultants to design and build value-driven software solutions that meet the specific business needs of our customers.

Our consultants work closely with our customers, often coming to be thought of more as internal employees rather than external consultants, in order to truly understand the customer's specific business environment and culture to facilitate the free flow of information and ideas and to ultimately deliver a high quality software solution that fully meets and exceeds all client expectations.

It all starts with customer requirement analysis, during which we spend time with our clients to fully understand their business case and points of pain in order to first determine if Sophos Electronics is the correct organization to address the issue. If it is determined that Sophos Electronics can help develop a solution to address our client’s business needs, then a User Requirements Specification (URS) can be developed, which lists and details each specific end-user use case that will be required of the proposed system. This is an area where Sophos Electronics consultants really shine. We pride ourselves on working with the same passion, whether we are working with line operators or chief executives. The goal is to gather and define all of the system requirements so that the final result is a system that is truly useful and beneficial to the company and to the end users.

In addition to defining user requirements, a System Design document is drafted that details the specific business processes that will be modeled and streamlined using the proposed software solution. In preparation of this document, Sophos Electronics consultants will focus on applying their personal industry experience to fully understand the customer's unique business operations and help guide them through the process of visualizing their workflow as it will exist in the proposed software solution. This is where customers truly appreciate the cross-functional expertise of our consultants, as their business knowledge and experience allows them to apply their technical expertise in exactly the right areas to meet clients' business needs. When the User Requirements Specification and System Design documents are completed, a proposal can be issued.

Once the proposal is accepted, a Functional Design Specification (FDS) document is created in order to give a high-level overview of every function of the new system. The FDS ties everything together by explaining exactly how the user requirements defined in the URS will be addressed within the process workflow defined in the System Design document. The FDS is then translated into an even more detailed document known as a Detailed Design Specification (DDS) that details exactly how each function of the system will be addressed from a a programming perspective.

The development team uses information in the DDS to learn exactly how to program the final system and what the specific input and output data will look like. Development is executed in an iterative cycle as new requirements are almost always discovered during the system development phase and can be easily added in as change requests thanks to our agile development methodology. All programming and development is done in an isolated environment where the team can use test data and procedures to discover bugs before they are introduced into production.

A Quality Assurance (QA) Environment is created with identical hardware and software to the final Production Environment for testing purposes. All newly developed content is moved from the Development Environment to the QA Environment for testing and acceptance before being put into the final Production Environment. This procedure ensures that all content being used in Production is stable and proven to minimize risk.

The result of this process is a high quality final software solution that is guaranteed to meet all of your business needs since everything is based on planning and analysis that puts you and your requirements at the center of the software development lifecycle. You have the business need; Sophos Electronics has the knowledge, experience, and processes in place to meet and exceed that need.