Software Development

At Sophos Electronics we strive to change manufacturing, and we strive to provide each of our customers the solution that best fits their problem. Sometimes this means leveraging one of our partner’s state-of-the-art products and customizing it, and sometimes this means going off the beaten track and trying to invent something entirely new to perfectly match our customer’s needs.

In many cases the best solution might involve an OEM package with custom software development to fill in the gaps. Manufacturing has many unique process requirements and Sophos Electronics sees that every solution requires a degree of custom software development to fill in the gaps. What does this mean? In some cases this means developing new front-end user interfaces using the latest web technologies, like HTML5, CSS, and AngularJS, then building a back end (database, services, REST, SOAP) to support the new screens and be fully integrated into the OEM package. This also means using OEM APIs correctly to ensure an upgrade path is maintained.

In some cases, the best solution doesn’t exist, so we invent the technology for our customer. Building a solid and maintainable solution is a difficult task, however. What might seem like the fastest way to ship and finalize a solution usually ends up incurring a higher overall cost due to the maintenance problems that arise after the product has already been shipped. Creating and maintaining software requires well-established quality standards and methods to deliver a superior product in a timely fashion.

Sophos Electronics is the leading modern manufacturing application development firm that addresses your toughest, most complex software development challenges and delivers results. We are a full-service, professional services partner that has local consultants and a proven process. Sophos Electronics will get your solutions ready by using premier technical talent in a flexible way that best suits your organization.

Our experience in the industry ranges from building software that supports the automated building of future airplanes to connecting Shop Floor CNC machines and Product Life Cycle data through order management. We support various industries such as Discrete, Aerospace, Chemical, Process, Automotive, Machine Shops, and many more. Whether you need bespoke software development, or additional custom programming services to complete an existing project, you can safely work with Sophos Electronics.